The mission of The Children’s Museum and Science Center is to launch imagination and spark discovery.

To help us accomplish that goal, we will engage the community in imagining great possibilities — to think bigger, to learn more. We will help El Pasoans develop skills for today and for the future. And, we will provide opportunities for all members of the community to be innovative and think creatively.

We want The Children’s Museum and Science Center to have a lasting, positive influence on everyone who visits.


The Children’s Museum and Science Center will encourage visitors to engage with our exhibits in new and unintended ways without set instructions to follow.

Part of the learning is to “make mistakes,” and to try again in a different way.


We will want our visitors to try things they have not tried previously, imagine new ways to engage with our exhibits, solve problems, and share insights.

Sometimes these new discoveries will not work successfully – and that is part of the learning process.

We help our visitors to understand that taking risks is part of the learning experience, and that failing often leads to greater understanding of a problem or challenge — and more successful second or third attempts.


In the world beyond the walls of the museum, collaboration is one of the best ways to pursue success. And yet, the traditional educational model often discourages collaboration.

We will encourage visitors to work together while engaging with our exhibits, programs, and learning experiences.

We believe that building knowledge is a social activity, best accomplished by working together.


Risk-taking is one of the skills that our visitors will practice, and sometimes they will fail. So, we will encourage our visitors to persevere, to try again when a first attempt doesn’t work the way they expect. Repeated engagement with our exhibits and learning programs will bring new ideas, new solutions, and new ways of thinking.