Regrow Vegetables

Sometimes experiment results can surprise you! Did you know that some veggies can be regrown grow after use? Try the experiment below to see for yourself!

Step 1

Check to see what vegetable scraps are leftover after cooking. This experiment works with several types of vegetables, but we recommend looking for the following.

You can grow:

  • scallions from their discarded roots
  • garlic sprouts from a garlic clove
  • romaine lettuce from the bottom of a head of lettuce
  • carrot greens from discarded carrot tops
  • new basil from basil cuttings

Step 2

Take the bottom of each veggie and place them in shallow dish of water.

Step 3

Put your veggies somewhere where they wont be disturbed and refill the water every other day.

Step 4

Be patient! After about a week you should be able to see results. Watch them grow with each

Step 5

Once your veggies are fully-grown, ask an adult if you can add them to a dish or share them with friends and family.


All activities should be supervised by an adult.