Name the Museum Challenge

The mission of The El Paso Children’s Museum and Science Center is to launch imagination and spark discovery. To help us accomplish that goal, we want to engage the community in imagining the great possibilities of El Paso’s new Children’s Museum and Science Center.
The award-winning international architects from Snøhetta have unveiled a one-of-a-kind building design influenced by the El Paso skyline, now we would like to challenge the El Paso community to harness their imagination and creativity by asking you, to name the museum. Challenge your family, friends, classmates… the list goes on and on!

Use whatever inspires you, song, dance, art. There are no wrong answers.

If your name for The El Paso Children’s Museum and Science Center is chosen, you will be awarded one-lifetime family membership to the Children’s Museum. Just think, a lifetime membership to a world of color and curiosity for you and your family!

We are proud to be El Pasoans because we know there is a lot of talent in the borderland, and we can’t wait to invite you to a space designed to grow the imagination and spark discovery as limitless as El Paso’s blue sky.

Let’s create something together!

Name the Museum Challenge!

You can submit as many entries as you wish. Submissions will be accepted until May 1. The winner will be awarded four-lifetime passes to The El Paso Children’s Museum and Science Center.