Our Community

The Children’s Museum and Science Center will be an integral part of the educational ecosystem of our community.

We are, first and foremost, an educational institution, open to every member of the community. Exhibits will have no instructions, because there are no wrong ways to interact with them. The new museum will be specifically designed to maximize open-ended and imaginative play and exploration.

Barrier-free access for every child and every family in our community

We believe strongly that every child and every family in El Paso deserves the educational opportunities that we can provide. We commit to working with the City and with El Pasoans to ensure there are no cultural, social, physical, or financial barriers to their full engagement with, and enjoyment of, The Children’s Museum and Science Center.

Educational Partnerships

Access to quality educational opportunities is a critical component in providing bright futures for the children of our community. We will work with educators and school districts to make certain that our programming improves educational outcomes for the children in the El Paso region. It is our goal to help El Paso’s children to have imaginations that know no boundaries.

Working Together

The future of The Children’s Museum and Science Center is a responsibility that rests with all of us. We will work with any group or individual interested in improving educational opportunities within our community.

Local Artists

Several local artists with notable track records will create unique installations for the El Paso Children’s Museum and Science Center. Christin Apodaca, Gabriel Márquez, and Mitsu Overstreet are the first to be announced. They will create installations complementing the exhibits designed by Oakland-based Gyroscope Inc., who designed the S.T.E.A.M.-based interactive zones exclusive to this project.

Christin Apodaca

Desert Bloom Zone

Christin Apodaca will be working on a mural in the Desert Bloom Zone.

Gabriel Márquez

Follow Your Instincts Zone

Gabriel Márquez will be working on a mural in the Follow Your Instincts Zone.

Mitsu Overstreet

Flow Zone

Mitsu Overstreet will be working on a mural in the Flow Zone.